2013 Wish – Visit Thailand

Thailand is the Asia’s heaven for the western people. One of the most interesting place to visit in Asia is Thailand, according to them. Do you think so? For me, yes it is. I have been planing to visit Thailand since a year ago. I strongly hope i could visit this country next year.

Unfortunately this holiday I don’t visit any countries or visiting some tourism places. I just stay at house, enjoying coffee with friends, etc. The next holiday is a good time to visit Thailand, or might be other countries like Malaysia and Singapore.

I already started saving the money for my next trip. Arranged a good schedule and plans what to do in the country that i will visit. All right, this is my wish for 2013. You guys, have you been to Thailand? How was it? Tell me your story.

When I Was in Singapore

It has been a year ago, exactly on August, 2011, I was in Singapore. Spent some hours in this country to see around, also buy some goods. I was surprised at first. Let me tell you something about me and Singapore. I have ever visited this country firstly in 2010, but unfortunately i was rejected for some reasons. Thanks God, last year i was welcomed to Singapore. Here are some photos of mine during in Singapore.

The one made me astonished

An Australian lady took this photo 🙂

I visited some places while I was there, such as Marina Bay, Orchad street, Sentosa, and more ( i forgot), lol. I was very happy. I wish I could return there someday. Have you been to Singapore guys? Tell me how was your experience by commenting below.

The Place Where We Called “Pulau Nyamuk”

Pulau Nyamuk is a small island off the coast of Sumatra. It can be seen from the road in the Geurutee Mountains. The name of the island isn’t officially Pulau Nyamuk but it has been given that name after we spend the night there. (I don’t even know the real name for it).

Pulau Nyamuk is a very unique island in that it is not inhabited by humans anymore. The only inhabitants of Pulau Nyamuk were monkeys, pigs and Mosquitos when we arrived that afternoon. The storm clouds were rolling in and it looked like it wouldn’t be long before it would turn loose. See the photos below.

Just touched down “Pulau Nyamuk” with some American friends

It’s me with a nice view from “Pulau Nyamuk”.

There was an old steel frame building there open on all four sides and some of the roof metal blown off. The floor consisted of several sheets of plywood that had been left there by former inhabitants. With the storm rolling in we didn’t waste time in setting up camp in the abandoned shack. The roof metal which had blown off was in the grass near the building so we “wired” it to the roof for more protection from the rain that would begin falling before too much longer. It started raining before we had all the tarps n things in place but we managed to keep the backpacks n camping gear fairly dry.

It is a very nice island during the daytime, the fishing is great, places to explore, great place to take photos, etc. We had not brought any food along except salt, spices and a few other goodies. We were depending for the main part of the meal on the fish we were going to catch. After setting up camp we donned our swimming clothes, grabbed our fishing gear and headed out for the far side of the island to catch our evening meal. After around an hour of walking we reached a spot to where we could drop our lines in deep from off a big rock. Fishing wasn’t too bad that day so with an hour or two we had enough fish for dinner. Upon arriving back at camp we gathered wood, started a fire, got the fish cleaned and on the fire. the fish were finger-licking good and it wasn’t long till there only bones left.

Yummy barbeque fish

At night it is a totally different story. That is when the blood-thirsty varmints come out to satisfy their taste of the not-so-often-found human blood. That night droves of starving mosquitoes kept us awake most of the night. We had brought along mosquito repellent but that didn’t seem to faze them at all. We tried to use the smoke/fire method but that only succeeded in attracting thousands of hermit crabs. If you sat to close to the fire your face got baked and you still got eaten by mosquitoes on your back. Clothes were no protection from the varmints; they stuck their barbs through our shirts/jeans, no problem. Several guys wrapped up in tarps but it was too hot to really get some shut-eye. Some of us spend our time swimming in the ocean until we got too cold. We went to all kind of extremes to get away from the mosquitoes, even sleeping on the beach buried in the sand with only faces showing which we covered with clothes. It wasn’t too bad till the tide came in and started washing in at our feet. It was a long uncomfortable night for most of us. We were glad when the sky started to get lighter and the mosquitoes got out of our hair.

We headed back to mainland later that day, glad we didn’t have to spend another sleepless night on Pulau Nyamuk.  The return trip had its own difficulties with seven guys in a small wooden fishing boat and another storm tossing up the waves. It was a rough breath-holding ride but we did make it safely back to mainland.

It was a camping trip that won’t be forgotten for a long time. And that is how the island got its name of  Pulau Nyamuk (Mosquito Island). We invite you to come and enjoy your night with nyamuk ( mosquito ) in this island, lol. All right my reader, that’s all my story about “Pulau Nyamuk”. I would like to thank to Mr. Ervin, my American friend who has helped me in this blog post. I wish  God would arrange a meeting for us in My Selangor Story 2013 because this blog post was written 3 months ago especially for MSS 2013. Thank you very much.

Sabang, It’s An Amazing Island

Sabang is a vacation island. Many foreigner from different countries visit this place almost every day. They come there so spend their holiday for doing some activities, such as diving, snorkeling, fishing, and many more. In July 2012, I spent some of my days in Sabang island, Indonesia. I stayed at my friend’s place, a kind person who called Gunawan. When the time I arrived in Sabang, Gun, his nick name, took me to one of famous place is Sabang, which people called it as Benteng. I found an amazing view in this place. Want to know how was it? Here it is 🙂

Gunawan also invited to fish here… This is me in action 😀

I love this place very much. You guys may visit this place by going to Sabang Island, Aceh, Indonesia. Feel free to contact me if you want to come to Sabang. See you soon 🙂

Why Do I Love Traveling?

Traveling is an activity that love by many people in the world. Here, the question is, why do i love traveling? For many people, traveling is refreshing. But not for me. For me myself, traveling is a way to learn a new thing. Learning the culture, habitual, languages, and many other things.

I’ve just visited 2 countries recently, Malaysia and Singapore. Really want to visit some other countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and many more, lol. So why i have not visited those countries yet? The are some reasons, the most important one is budget, lol.

Check out 2 of my photos that i took during my trips in 2 countries. Have fun 🙂

A good pic from Singapore 🙂

It’s at Golden Palm Tree Hotel, Malaysia

Only two photos for a while, the others will be uploaded soon.. See you 😀