2013 Wish – Visit Thailand

Thailand is the Asia’s heaven for the western people. One of the most interesting place to visit in Asia is Thailand, according to them. Do you think so? For me, yes it is. I have been planing to visit Thailand since a year ago. I strongly hope i could visit this country next year.

Unfortunately this holiday I don’t visit any countries or visiting some tourism places. I just stay at house, enjoying coffee with friends, etc. The next holiday is a good time to visit Thailand, or might be other countries like Malaysia and Singapore.

I already started saving the money for my next trip. Arranged a good schedule and plans what to do in the country that i will visit. All right, this is my wish for 2013. You guys, have you been to Thailand? How was it? Tell me your story.


4 thoughts on “2013 Wish – Visit Thailand

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  2. I have too many plans for my next trips. Semeru, Rinjani, Bandung, Bukittinggi and also Thailand. I hope i can visit one of them this year and the rest of it in next year. Or do you wanna plan it together for Thailand? 😀

  3. thailand is very nice..you have to visit koh pangan island..there are FULL MOON PARTY every month..I have been There last week

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