Me and My Selangor Story

Ladies and gentleman, welcome back to my blog. Before I tell you about My Selangor Story experience, let me firstly tell you little bit about myself. I am Ridha Yusardi, you may call me Ridha, a 20 years old guy from Banda Aceh, Indonesia. I am a student in one of University in my home town. This blog post is about me and my Selangor story experience. I feel interest with My Selangor Story 2013 program because all the programs that they have here are all my hobby, such as traveling, blogging, adventuring, writing, sharing, learning a new thing, etc. Below are 2 photos while I was traveling.

Putra Jaya, Malaysia 2010

Singapore, 2011

My daily activity now is blogging. I have 2 kinds of blog, personal and business blog. The personal blog is used for all my personal experiences, while the business blogs are used for earning the money from the internet. I started learning blog on December 2010 with a one of Aceh Blogger Community member, whose name is Mymoen Doank. He is one of my best teacher in blogging. I love him very much. As the result, now I can earn some money from the internet. Most of my blogs are talking about the automotive news. I usually update my blog everyday. As an additional information, there are many ways to do to get the money from the internet ( online ). If you are interested to learn, feel free to contact me through the contact form. All right, then why do I want to join the My Selangor Story ( MSS ) 2013? The answer is because MSS is an event which taught me how to be a real person, how to live my life, how to make a new friendship, how to work in team, how to get involved in saving the nature / tourism place or even promote them, and many more.  I was one of the selected participant for MSS 2011. I love this event very much. I learned many things, I saw a new world, and I also met many unique and kindly friend. Here they are!

When we were at Awana Genting Highland

Let’s go back to 2011. Let me tell you about what did I feel after joining the MSS 2011. I was very satisfied and happy after joining this event because I got many new knowledge from here. The most important thing that i got from this event is about the friendship and good solidarity among others. Not only traveling and having fun together, we are also required to be active and make a good team work in every single activities that we had done.

This is what we called team work

The activities that we have  done are also interesting and challenging. In addition,  all the services that I got from the MSS 2011 committees and the sponsors were good and very satisfactory. I remembered when we were biking and kayaking together in Golden Palm Tree Hotel and Resort,  doing out bond, walking in the darkness of night in the jungle with the eyes closed, having barbeque party together at Pasar Malam, and sleeping in the long house at Awana Genting Highland. It’s one of the most unforgettable memories for me. It’s wonderful and truly amazing. Take a look at the photo of some activities we had.

Kayaking when we were at Golden Palm Tree Hotel and Resort

The Bicycles are ready to go

Warming up before out bond activity

Working hard in completing the missions

Feel happy when all missions are completed

Enjoying the roasted beef and teh tarik at Pasar Malam

In front of Awana Genting Long House

Front view of Awana Genting long house

That’s only a few photo of our activities, but I hope you will like it. The rest of the photo are still safely saved in my laptop. Can’t wait to collect more photos at My Selangor Story 2013 season. I wish i could. Before ending this post, let me tell you another thing about me. I am a person who love to be challenged with a new thing. This is another reason that’s why I want to join with this annually event. I am also a hard worker. As the proofs, I worked hard some months to learn about blogging. Also in 2011, I did many things and spent many times to join the MSS competition in order to get selected as one of the participants. This time I will work harder to get selected in MSS 2013, because I really want to see the beautiful and wonderful view of Selangor ( Malaysia generally) and feel the different on this event. If later I will be selected, I will do all my best to success this program. I promise to myself that I will work hard to get this golden chance. I love Selangor and I wish i will see you there. Hey, here is my website that you may visit, Car Review and Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon.


Babah Dua White Sand Beach

Babah Dua beach is located in Lhoknga, Banda Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia. It will take 30 minutes by car from the center of Banda Aceh city. Babah Dua beach is also well-known as Lampuuk beach. Actually, Babah Dua is the part of Lampuuk Beach. Most of foreigners visited this beach for enjoying their vacation. There are some bungalows close to the beach.

Last Sunday, me and some my friends visited that place. It was amazing. The weather was very hot that time. It burned my skin. But no problem, because its beautiful view made me forget everything, lol. I love such a place like this. See my photo below.

Beautiful, isn’t it? The wind was blowing strong that Sunday, and made my t-shirt a bit messy, lol. I met a lot of foreigner when I was there. I think, this beach is almost looks like Phuket beach in Thailand. You guys have to visit this place. It’s easy to get here. If you are interested with it, just let me know. I will help you to get here. That’s all for today. See you again buddy!

Visiting the 0 KM of Indonesia

It was a beautiful day, I went to one of very popular place in Aceh, it’s “Zero Kilometer of Indonesia”. This place is located in Sabang, Nanggroe  Aceh Darussalam ( NAD ). Sabang is also known as Weh Island. Sabang is an amazing island which has a very good wild view. Sabang also famous with it’s underwater life. Most of tourist in the world came to visit Sabang almost every day for diving, snorkeling, or swimming. This island could be reached in 3 hours by slow ferry ( 45 minutess by fast ferry) from Banda Aceh, the capital of NAD.

For me myself, Sabang is the paradise island for Aceh people,  or even Indonesian. Beside becoming one of the most famous tourism place in Aceh, Indonesia government generally also recognized this island as of the most famous tourism icon in Indonesia. Unfortunately, i only have one photo to be posted here, because i was enjoying the view too much, lol. Take a look at my photo.

Right back there, you guys can see a tower that built many years ago and has been recognized by the government of Indonesia that time as the sign of 0 KM of Indonesia. I love this place very much. I heard from the people who live in this island that most visitors who came to this place made the certificate as a sign that the have visited this place. It sounds funny, but it’s true. The certificate could be bought / asked from the related agency.

All right, that’s all my review about this place. Hope you will like it and I hope you guys also will come to see this place directly. Enjoy diving, snorkeling, or even fishing in this vacation island. See you.