Blogging and Studying

I am a freelance blogger Bloggingwho is not always spending my time for blogging. I am also an university student. But however, studying is my first priority. Beside, I also need blogging to help my financial problem. I earned some bucks each month from blogging. That’s the way I survive.

Earning the money from blogging is not difficult actually. What you need to do keep in yourself is ” pray, work hard, and focus”. There were many people asked me about blogging. “What do you to till you can earn some $ from blogging?”. I simply answered ” pray, word hard and focus”. Why these 3 things? Yup, for me there are the ways for me to achieve my successful. I think you guys also need that 3 things.

If you ask me about how much money do i get each month, I will say it variety. It means that my earning is not always similar. Honesty, now i have many blogs, and only some of them are making money. I started blogging on December 2010, has been 2 years so far.

But, like what I mentioned earlier, for me, studying is still the first priority. By studying i could learn new thing that I have never known before. My university scores are good so far, and I hope it will be good till I graduate later, lol.