This I Believe; Study Hard, Work Hard, and Pray Hard

pray harxHi everyone, finally I am back. Long time no writing on this personal blog. I have been very busy writing on my business blogs. In this chance, I write about a topic that I got from my lecturer named Mr. Khairil Razali. In one of his blog post, he wrote about the topic “This I Believe”, and he asked the student to write what do we believe.

Every person in this world has one or more things to be believed. I am, as a young man, who has gotten many inspiration from the people around, always try to do my best and I believe to my own skill and work hard habit. I am such a hard worker. Let me tell you little bit about my life experience. I studied in the boarding school for at least 6 years. It was from 2004-1010. I studied and struggled hard. Spending 6 years in boarding school was not easy. I faced with any single problem that I have never had before. Far away from parents, family, and friends that I used to play with. It was hard for me at first, but then I got accustomed with that way of life. People called  this place as a ” holy jail”.   However, time by time, I enjoyed living there.

When I was at senior high school, I started finding the difficulties living in boarding school. Much money needed that time to buy the tools for school and the school was also increased. My father was retired from his job that time. My mother is only a  housewife that made no money each month. I hung up my life from a father who’s slowly getting older and weaker. Thank God, I got financial helped from my sister and brother who have gotten job. But, it was not that enough. I got small money each month for living there. While most of my friend got double or even triple than what my parent gave to me. However, I still thank to God that I was still able to enjoy life that time.

Time changed. Life changed. Situation changed. In short, I have graduated from school. Exactly in 2010, I tried to change my life by applying to be a university student, but i failed and did nothing for that year. I was hopeless at first. My family kept giving me spirit. I started thinking to work and earn some money. Became an English teacher, translator, tourist guide, and many more. At the end of 2010, I met a new friend ( now like my own brother ) who taught me to do blogging. Since then, I have blogging and earn money until today. Thanks God, I can  live independent and help my family financial.

This  I believe; study hard, work hard and pray hard are the motto in my life. There is nothing impossible in this world. Just like in study process, we can reach every thing we want as long as we want to work and pray hard to achieve it. As a share and motivation for you, last month, exactly on my 22nd birthday, February 19th, I presented a special gift for my mom. I bought her a ticket for doing Umrah from the money I earned recently. That was a special gift ever. Come on everyone, there is nothing impossible in this world. Believe in yourself. Get change for a better future. Do it now!

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