What An Amazing Pentax Optio RS1000

Talking about a good camera, let’s talk about Pentax. A simple and cheap camera that would makes you satisfy. Now, I will try to talk to you about Pentax Optio RS1000. You can read the review of this camera below. But let’s see how is this camera looks like.

Guys, how lucky were the contestants of My Selangor Story 2011. We could use Pentax camera for free while we are joined the My Selangor Story 2011. Even though we only used it for some days, but the real amazing of this camera is clearly shown. Let’s see some images that created from Pentax Optio RS1000.

What do you think of these images? However, the Pentax made me satisfied to see the high resolution photos. Not only capturing the photo, for recording the video it’s also good.  
Well, this is few review of  Pentax Optio RS1000 that i got from another site. Pentax Optio RS1000 is easy to use and may be dressed to match the personality and style of its owner. This cosmetically customizable digital camera features a removable faceplate to hold interchangeable skins of any personal design. The design possibilities for the Pentax RS1000 are infinite. Owners may skin the new Pentax Optio RS1000 to match a mood, an event, a milestone, an outfit, and so much more. The Pentax Optio RS1000 comes across as a tool that is fairly limited in terms of real photographic control, but it manages to deliver a still-image quality that, for the most part, is more impressive than its budget price would have you believe. Sure, there are better cameras out there, but for what’s being asked of your wallet, you can’t go wrong with the Pentax RS1000.

Here is the good things from Pentax Optio RS1000:

–  Very affordable
–  Stylish and well-built
–  Simple to use
–  Has the basics covered
–  Image quality better expectation at this price

However, you won’t regret to have this camera. My day with Pentax feels very bright. So, make your day brighter with Pentax.