#4th Day – Exploring Kuala Selangor

It’s our 4th day of My Selangor Story 2013. I woke up early as usual. But this time in different spot, we were at Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa. Washed and had some breakfast. It was a good morning.


Breakfast with tea and some breads


Good morning from Golden Palm Tree


Swimming pool with a romantic view

After eating breakfast, we went to the second floor for joining yoga activity. It was my first time doing yoga, and it was excellent. The trainer also a nice and friendly Malay guy.


Posing before starting yoga, handsome isn’t it? haha


Seriously doing yoga


Full of concentration


With the trainer..

Yeah, yoga activity ended. We continued our next activity. It was bicycling. We rode through some small road. I was with Intan on nice bike. As I promised to her before departing to Selangor to get on ride together because she can not ride the bicycle, haha.


Yeah, this is Intan..


After riding, take a rest for a moment..


Yuhuu.. me with my bike haha

Soon after cycling activity, we prepared for check out. Back to the room for washing and prepare for our luggage. We checked out around 12.00 pm. Before leaving, we have served with the last lunch at Bila-Bila Restaurant at Golden Palm Tree.  Nasi ayam with coconut ice blended, and ice cream as the closing dessert nyam nyam..


Nasi Ayam with Coconut ice blended


Milk ice cream..


Group photo before leaving Golden Palm Tree

Good stay, good view, good outdoor activities, all of those things i found in Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa. You guys should visit this place. Very wonderful. We left the resort around 1.oo pm and heading to Bukit Melawati. It took around 2 hours, so most of us felt asleep in the bus. But wait, before reached at Bukit Melawati, we stopped by for “killing” our swelter. We have stopped in the right place. It’s cendol bakar place. This place is located at Kampung Asam Jawa, Kuala Selangor. The unique is, this Cendol provided drive through service. Wow..


Some tastes of Cendol Bakar


Cendol Bakar Drive Through

The name and the price for each cendol is also different. Here they are :

– Cendol VIP –  RM2.00
– Cendol VVIP –  RM2.50
– Cendol Tapai – RM2.80
– Cendol Pulut Tapai –  RM3.20
– Cendol Durian – RM3.00
– Cendol Pulut Durian – RM3.50

Whuaa.. good beverage for today. We left by. The bus moved to Bukit Melawati. Only 20 minutes, we finally arrived there. We used tram to got the the top of Bukit Melawati, and it was free of charge. I saw many friendly monkeys and some ancient monuments.


Cute monkey, isn’t it? haha


The Museum of Kuala Selangor


Light house was built by British hundred years ago


The welcome tower

Yeay, it’s time to eat now. The stomach was shouted haha. After looking around at Bukit Melawati, we left to River View Seafood Restaurant for eating supper. We eat supper earlier because we will go to Kampung Kuantan for firefly watching. Anyway, we had a great supper there. Fish, crab, shrimp, squid, and many more. Nyam nyam nyam….


Do not try this at home, haha..


Fish Soup


Fried squid


“crispy” crab


Yummy clam

Whoaa guys, what a perfect dinner. The stomach was full. Now it’s time to move to another beautiful place. Yeeeaaayy.. this is the most awaiting place. Kelip-Kelip Kampung Kuantan. Yeah, this is the place we we are gonna watch the fireflies. Can’t wait to see.


Kelip-Kelip Kampung Kuantan


Visitors are ready to watch the fireflies


About fireflies spot at Kampung Kuantan

We were not really lucky because could not get some pictures of the fireflies. The camera is allowed, but without using flash, oh my God. But no worries, the most important thing is I have already seen the fireflies, hehe. Here is the additional information for you.

Price: 1 boat – RM40 for 4 pax (RM10 per pax)
Operating hours: 7pm – 11pm
Tel: 603 3289 1439 / 603 3289 1549
Fax: 603 3289 1101 / 603 3289 3386.

All right, after watching the fireflies, we came back again to Kuala Lumpur, It took around 2 hours from Kuala Selangor. We went to Vivatel Hotel.  This 4 stars business hotel welcomed us as well. A nice hotel to stay. You should try living here.


Vivatel Kuala Lumpur


Nice design, isn’t it?


Comfortable room to stay

Yeah the 4th day story ended here. Good night from Vivatel Kuala Lumpur.

Vivatel Kuala Lumpur

85, Jalan Loke Yew, 55200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
T +6 03 9205 8888
T +6 03 9285 8210
F +6 03 9205 8889
E rsvn@vivatel.com.my