Selangor, Now or Never

It’s an amazing time being in Selangor, Malaysia for 4 days and 5 nights. I spent a good time there. Living at comfortable hotel, meeting with friendly people, having fun together at amusement park, and enjoying nice view around there. You should come to visit Selangor now, or you will never.

We went to some places during there. My Selangor Story and some sponsors, such as Premiere Hotel, Sunway Lagoon, Vivatel Kuala Lumpur, Arenaa Star, Golden Palm Tree,and Astutexperience, have helped and supported our trip there.

I have written some reviews about some places that we went. Want to know where did we go and what did we do? Read the story each chapter.

1. My Selangor Story 2013 Begins

Simply click the link above then you will find photos and review. Here is where we started our trip. It was a “lucky” chance for me to be participated and selected at My Selangor Story 2013.

2. Visiting Klang Heritage and Sunway Lagoon

Yups, we visited some heritage of Klang. We saw and found a lot of new and ancient things. We went to some popular places in Selangor, such as Little India, Galeri Diraja Sultan Abdul Aziz, Sri Nagara Thendayuthapani Temple, and many more. Around 2 pm, we moved to Sunway Lagoon to get refreshing and enjoy the water park.


3. Thaipusam and Golden Palm Tree

Yeah, this is one of the most wanted activity for our trip. Would like to visit and see Thaipusam annual celebration. A spiritual celebration that followed by most of Indian in Malaysia. It was located at Batu Cave. After experiencing this celebration, we move to Golden Palm Tree Resort. One of “heaven” in Malaysia. You guys should visit this resort.


4. Exploring Kuala Selangor

Ahaa.. this is an awaiting time for me myself. I went to Malaysia 4 times already, and this is the first time for me to visit some of villages and see the rich of natural beauty here.We had cendol bakar, we went to Bukit Malawati, and the one that has been awaiting by everyone is to watch fireflies at Kampung Kuantan. It was totally great.


5. Our Story Is Not Ending Here

This is our last day in Malaysia. All of our friendship, togetherness, and all our stories are not ending here. I thank to Tourism Selangor, and all sponsors that have helped and supported our 4D5N trip in Selangor.


Below are all of sponsors that have kindly sponsored us. Once again, thank you very much.

premiere hotel

Hotel Premiere
Bandar Bukit Tinggi 1/KS6
Jalan Langat 41200 Klang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan , Malaysia
603 3325 6868

sunway lagoon

Sunway Lagoon Sdn Bhd
3, Jalan PJS 11/11 Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya
Selagor Darul Ehsan Malaysia
(603) 5639 0000

arenaa star

Arenaa Star Luxury Hotel
No.49-51, Jalan Hang Lekiu, Kuala Lumpur 50050, Malaysia

golden palm tree

Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa Sdn Bhd
Sepang Goldcoast, Jalan Pantai Bagan Lalang, No. 67
Kg. Bagan Lalang 43950 Sungai Pelek,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
+603 3182 3600

vivatel hotel

Vivatel Hotel
85, Jalan Loke Yew, 55200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+603 9205 8888 / +603 9285 8210


208 Block A, Mentari Business Park
Jalan PJS 8/5, Bandar Sunway
Petaling Jaya 46150
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia


Our Story Is Not Ending Here

It’s the last day of My Selangor Story 2013. I feel so sad to get separated with other bloggers. Early in the morning, it was at Vivatel Kuala Lumpur. We had a great breakfast in this hotel. Mmm.. the last day in Malaysia, was so sad absolutely.


Healthy breakfast


Which one do you want?

After eating breakfast we had a hotel presentation. We were invited to see some special spaces in this hotel. It was beautiful and comfortable. You are recommended to stay in this hotel. The location is also strategic. You can enjoy Kuala Lumpur night view from your room. You can also see the twin tower directly from your room. Wow it’s amazing.


Comfortable and excellent room concept


What number one is your room?


The swimming pool coming soon..


Meeting room..


Another meeting room


Go Green theme room

After looking around and feel the harmony of Vivatel Kuala Lumpur, we left to Kenanga Wholesale City Fashion Mall. It’s located in Jalan Kenanga, very close to the Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle. Invite your family to shopping your fashion needs.

Kenanga Wholesale City map

KWC Fashion Mall – Handbags

Your kids fashion needs are here

During in this mall, we have served by free coffee at Old Town white coffee and also Kopi O outlet. Get the latest and hottest fashion style at Kenanga Wholesale City Fashion Mall.

Kenanga Wholesale City Fashion Mall
8.01, Kompleks Kenanga Wholesale City, No.
Jalan Gelugor, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
Website :
Telp : 03-9221-8081
Opening Hour : 10am-8pm (Daily)

#2nd Day – Visiting Klang Heritage and Sunway Lagoon

January, 26th 2013. It was about 7.30 am, we left from Premiere Hotel to visit Klang Heritage, some ancient places in Klang, Selangor. Sure, having a group photo before leaving one place is a must. We are exactly crazy and happy bloggers, haha.


Group photo in front of Premiere Hotel

Soon after that, we left to some places of Klang heritage. The first place that we have visited is the railway station. This station was build long time ago, and now is still operated to take the passengers to some places in Selangor especially.


Klang railway station


Klang “clean” railway station

During in Klang railway station, we spent our time for taking photos and collecting some information, also asked related questing to some station staffs. After looking around, we decided to continue our journey. We have been to some ancient places. We walked through some old buildings.


Some old buildings around Klang


Gedung Raja Abdullah, Klang


Gedong Raja Abdullah Heritage

Before, Gedong Raja Abdullah was used  as a place where the people saved their guns that time. Now this building is closed and was informed will make as a museum.

We continued walking and then we met one of Klang’s oldest fire station. This building was built in 1890s. Even the building renovated 3 years ago, but the concept of this building is still the same with the old style.


Klang Fire Station


The equipments at Klang fire station

Spending like 20 minutes in this fire station, then we move toSri Nagara Thendayuthapani Temple. This is the richest and the oldest temple in Klang. Located at junction of Jalan Dato Hamzah and Jalan Bukit Jawa.


Sri Nagara Thendayuthapani Temple


The front view of Sri Nagara Thendayuthapani Temple


The Indian Hindu is worshiping at Sri Nagara Thendayuthapani Temple

Hoaam… I feel little bit tired after visiting some of Klang heritage. We continued our journey to Galeri Diraja Sultan Abdul Aziz which in located in Bangunan Sultan Sulaeman, 41000 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Nice place, and I could find many unique things inside.


Galeri Diraja Sultan Abdul Aziz


The equipment that wore by Raja


The Royal Collection

During in this building, we visited and saw many things. The guide also explained us the story of each thing we saw. We also watched the documentary film. It was a good moment being there. I could get some knowledge about Selangor historical.

Spending like almost one hour there, the team then decided to move to another Klang heritage, this time we went to the Lady of Lourdes Church which is located in Jl.Tengku Kelana, Klang Selangor. Then we continued our journey and stopped in an unique bridge which is could be use for motorbike and cars. Down part is used for motorbike, and above part is used for cars only.

All right, not too long there, we continued to Persatuan Penyokong Rumah Berhala Kwan Imm, Klang. It’s a place where the Buddhism worship. When we were there, we saw most of Buddhism were seriously worshiping. I was not lucky that time because my camera battery was low, and no pictures captured, yeah there is, but only one 😦


In front of the Kwan Imm temple

Collecting information, looking around and taking photos done. Now it’s time to move to Little India. When we arrived at Little India, firstly we had our lunch at Archana curry house which is located at Jl. Tengku Kelana No.62, Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, 41000 Malaysia. We have had a great lunch right there. Oh no pictures here, camera was charging 😦

No problem, let’s jump to another destination. After having a great lunch we walked through some building ans dropped by at Madura store. This store is selling the accessories. Each of us got free simple accessories from the owner of this store. Then we moved to Gayathiri store. A store which sales the Indian clothes. Again, each of us got free Kain Saree from the owner of this store.


In one side of Gayathiri store


The clothes at Gayathiri store


Front view of Gayathiri store

All right, our journey to Klang heritage stopped here, and we moved to another beautiful place, it was Sunway Lagoon. Sunway Lagoon is an amusement park in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. It was officially opened by the Prime Minister Tun Mahathir bin Mohamad on April 29, 1993. Our bus kept going through the buildings and good traffic that time, and finally touched down in Sunway Lagoon.


Sunway Lagoon


Sunway Lagoon water park


Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park

We spent at least 2 hours and 30 minutes here. For the opening “water party”, we watched the Waterplexx 5D. It’s was amazing, more than real world. After watching, some of us did water activities, some went to extreme park, and some busy with taking photos.

Around 5.00 pm, we left to Arenaa Star Luxury Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. It took around one hour to get there from Sunway Lagoon because we have had a bad traffic jam. I felt asleep in the bus.. Huh really really tired. Finally we arrived at Arenaa Star Luxury Hotel.


Arenaa Star Luxury Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

We immediately went in to our room for washing and took rest. Around 7.30 pm, we came back again to the lobby and as usual, we got welcomed by the manager and some staffs of this hotel. The showed us and told us some important points of their hotel.


Room at Arenaa Star Luxury Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Right before having hotel presentation, we had another presentation from AstuteXperience. This is one of sponsored which gave us free card and some vouchers for enjoying holiday in Malaysia ( for member only ). To get the membership card, we have to pay around RM150, but we were lucky that time because we got this car for free. In this case, you guys should know that AstuteXperience  is the partner of Arenaa Star Luxury Hotel and Vivatel Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Without AstuteXperience, we would not able to enjoy and stay at these 2 hotels. Once again thanks a lot for AstuteXperience.


Ms. Gomathi, the Managing Director of AstuteXperience


Dining Room @ Arenaa Star Luxury Hotel


What menu do you want?

It’s a very nice and comfortable hotel. You are recommended to stay in this hotel. You may enjoy the good view of Kuala Lumpur from your room. For further information, please visit Arenaa Star Luxury Hotel official website.

Additional for Arenaa Star Luxury Hotel :
Address: 49, Level 8, Jalan Hang Lekiu, 50050 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 2022 0962
Fax: 603 2022 0962
For reservation, go here.

My Selangor Story 2013 Begins

It was January, 25th 2013 around 2 pm of Malaysia local time. We are 7 selected bloggers from Aceh arrived in LCCT Kuala Lumpur. Ms. Chai, Ms. Alison from My Horizon Media and Bang Safri as tourist guide were waiting for us out there, exactly in front of Old Town White Coffee. After making short conversation and taking some photos, we went to LCCT food garden and had some foods.


Nasi campur at Food Garden


Food Garden, LCCT

We spent some hours there for eating, relaxing, taking photos and also waiting for the rest of bloggers from Indonesia, such as Pekanbaru, Surabaya, and Jakarta. They have arrived at 5 pm. After saying hallo to them, all of us got on the bus and left to Première Hotel in Klang. It was rain on the way to Klang, and the rain was like cat and dog. Without conscious, i felt asleep and zzz…

Around few hours later, we touched down to Klang, exactly at Première Hotel. We are welcomed by the Hotel manager and some other staffs. After having some drinks, we were invited to visit some special rooms to see the beautiful of it.


Room at Premiere Hotel


Executive Ball Room @ Premiere Hotel


@ Executive Ball Room, Premiere Hotel

After looking around, we went to our room for preparation eating supper. 10 minutes later, we went down to the dinner room and had supper together. The food and beverage were good. I met a good chef, excellent service, and nice manager at Premiere Hotel.


Mixed fried rice @ Premiere Hotel


Good and friendly service


Me, Helga, Intan and Mr. Ng Kien Ti, the manager of Premiere Hotel

It was a wonderful supper. Soon after finished eating, we left to Medan Muara Ikan Bakar which is located in Tanjung Harapan, Klang. We went there by bus which only took 30 minutes from the hotel. Nice place to eat ikan bakar with a romantic view in the back. As the proof, this place is crowded by many visitors that night.


Medan Muara Ikan Bakar


Visitors are enjoying their food

How to order? It’s so simple.
1. Pick a plastic tray,
2. Choose your seafood,
3. Queue at the counter and weigh your seafood,
4. Choose what kind of method of cooking, and
5. Go back to your seat and wait till your food is served.

All right, after spending at least 1 hour in Mutiara Medan Ikan Bakar, we went back to the Premiere Hotel for taking rest. And this is the end of the 1 st day of My Selangor Story 2013.

Additional information about Premiere Hotel.
Address  : Bandar Bukit Tinggi 1/KS6
Jalan Langat 41200 Klang
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Phone :+60 3 3325 6868
Fax : +60 3 3325 6869

For further information, you are recommended to visit Premiere Hotel official website. Thank you very much.

Me and My Selangor Story

Ladies and gentleman, welcome back to my blog. Before I tell you about My Selangor Story experience, let me firstly tell you little bit about myself. I am Ridha Yusardi, you may call me Ridha, a 20 years old guy from Banda Aceh, Indonesia. I am a student in one of University in my home town. This blog post is about me and my Selangor story experience. I feel interest with My Selangor Story 2013 program because all the programs that they have here are all my hobby, such as traveling, blogging, adventuring, writing, sharing, learning a new thing, etc. Below are 2 photos while I was traveling.

Putra Jaya, Malaysia 2010

Singapore, 2011

My daily activity now is blogging. I have 2 kinds of blog, personal and business blog. The personal blog is used for all my personal experiences, while the business blogs are used for earning the money from the internet. I started learning blog on December 2010 with a one of Aceh Blogger Community member, whose name is Mymoen Doank. He is one of my best teacher in blogging. I love him very much. As the result, now I can earn some money from the internet. Most of my blogs are talking about the automotive news. I usually update my blog everyday. As an additional information, there are many ways to do to get the money from the internet ( online ). If you are interested to learn, feel free to contact me through the contact form. All right, then why do I want to join the My Selangor Story ( MSS ) 2013? The answer is because MSS is an event which taught me how to be a real person, how to live my life, how to make a new friendship, how to work in team, how to get involved in saving the nature / tourism place or even promote them, and many more.  I was one of the selected participant for MSS 2011. I love this event very much. I learned many things, I saw a new world, and I also met many unique and kindly friend. Here they are!

When we were at Awana Genting Highland

Let’s go back to 2011. Let me tell you about what did I feel after joining the MSS 2011. I was very satisfied and happy after joining this event because I got many new knowledge from here. The most important thing that i got from this event is about the friendship and good solidarity among others. Not only traveling and having fun together, we are also required to be active and make a good team work in every single activities that we had done.

This is what we called team work

The activities that we have  done are also interesting and challenging. In addition,  all the services that I got from the MSS 2011 committees and the sponsors were good and very satisfactory. I remembered when we were biking and kayaking together in Golden Palm Tree Hotel and Resort,  doing out bond, walking in the darkness of night in the jungle with the eyes closed, having barbeque party together at Pasar Malam, and sleeping in the long house at Awana Genting Highland. It’s one of the most unforgettable memories for me. It’s wonderful and truly amazing. Take a look at the photo of some activities we had.

Kayaking when we were at Golden Palm Tree Hotel and Resort

The Bicycles are ready to go

Warming up before out bond activity

Working hard in completing the missions

Feel happy when all missions are completed

Enjoying the roasted beef and teh tarik at Pasar Malam

In front of Awana Genting Long House

Front view of Awana Genting long house

That’s only a few photo of our activities, but I hope you will like it. The rest of the photo are still safely saved in my laptop. Can’t wait to collect more photos at My Selangor Story 2013 season. I wish i could. Before ending this post, let me tell you another thing about me. I am a person who love to be challenged with a new thing. This is another reason that’s why I want to join with this annually event. I am also a hard worker. As the proofs, I worked hard some months to learn about blogging. Also in 2011, I did many things and spent many times to join the MSS competition in order to get selected as one of the participants. This time I will work harder to get selected in MSS 2013, because I really want to see the beautiful and wonderful view of Selangor ( Malaysia generally) and feel the different on this event. If later I will be selected, I will do all my best to success this program. I promise to myself that I will work hard to get this golden chance. I love Selangor and I wish i will see you there. Hey, here is my website that you may visit, Car Review and Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon.