The Cube Makes Easy

As we all know, the official site of The Cube is now under construction. I remembered someone sent me the notification about this site via email. I immediately opened the site and saw what was on The Cube website. It makes everything easy on internet. Besides, I got  the logo of The Cube from Google.

I myself tried to learn more about, and I found it a great site. I could play songs on the site, just like an online radio. I also could see some of the most downloaded videos in the world here. Everything is easier; downloading, searching, etc.

The site easily played songs such as; Jessie J – Price Tag, Justin Bieber – Baby, Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull – On the Floor and many more on without any interruptions. Even though my internet connection was slow, it still worked very well. Love it very much. The Cube really helps when the connection is slow. This is what I know about The Cube and I’m extremely impressed. Thank you very much for The Cube.


#Day 5 – My Selangor Story 2011 Isn’t Ending Here

Our last night of My Selangor Story 2011 was in The Mix restaurant. As I explained in the previous post, we were very happy being there. But in the fifth day, we were all sad. All of us have to separate. Some to Indonesia, and other just stay living in Malaysia, as their original country. Even, some of us have to left earlier than other. Good bye Holiday Inn Glenmarie Kuala Lumpur. We promised will visit you again.

Luckily, we were not late arriving in the airport. There were Fahmi, Andi, Shaleh, Gita, Siti and I. Fahmi and I are flying to Penang then to Aceh. Meanwhile the rest of them have flown to Johor Bahru then Jakarta. By the way, that was still 6:00 AM, that’s why the situation in the airport was very silent. Shortly, all the passengers of Fire Fly are ready to fly.

The flight took time 2 hours. While flying by Fire Fly i was taking some photos from the sky. How beautiful is Malaysia if we see from the sky :D. Thing like building is arranged as well. Even my own camera can’t zoom as well as my friend’s, but i was satisfied with it.

That was our flight to Penang from Sky Park International Airport, Subang. After arriving in Penang, we met a guy who worked for Fire Fly. Let’s call him Hafeez. He was a kindly guy. By the way, when the day that we came from Aceh, he was welcomed us as well when we arrived in Bayan Lepas International Airport, Penang. And this time we see him again. Nice guy. He was really help us. See how handsome is he :).

Then we flew to SultangIskandar Muda International Airport, Banda Aceh by using Fire Fly. Alhamdulillah we arrived safely here. My Selangor Story 2011 is not ending here. Thank you for all sponsored. We will see you again someday.

Finally, I am Ridha Yusardi as one of the contestant of My Selangor Story 2011 really appreciate to those who has sponsored this event as well. Thank you…Thank you…Thank you very much. Warm regard from me to all of you. May God meet us again sometimes 🙂

My Selangor Story 2011 has fully sponsored by :

Official Tourism Board: Tourism Selangor
Official Airline: Firefly
Official Resort & Spa: Golden Palm Tree
Official Resort: Resort World Genting
Official Internet: The Cube
Official Restaurant: The Mix
Official Camera: Pentax