The Big Blog Exchange 2013

Have you ever heard about the students exchange? Right, this time I would like to share about the new thing, it’s world blogger exchange which celebrated by The Big Blog Exchange. This event is not only for exchanging your blog, but also exchanging your lives each other.

Either amateur or professional bloggers I think deserve to be followed by all the bloggers in the world. The program organized by Hostelling International, based in the United Kingdom is indeed combine existing concepts, although they are briefly applied a system of quality and ranking.

To direct the reader to any bloggers who have signed up, the committee provide voting facilities. So, all the people who have an e-mail can vote to anyone, and only one valid email to each person is allowed, then they have to confirm the vote through their email. For additional information, watch the video below.

Now, what are you waiting for? Do you have a blog? Don’t think too much about it. Join now at I will be waiting for you there. In this case,  I would like to ask your help for kindly vote me in this event by simply click here. Thank you very much and hope this information is useful.


Visiting the 0 KM of Indonesia

It was a beautiful day, I went to one of very popular place in Aceh, it’s “Zero Kilometer of Indonesia”. This place is located in Sabang, Nanggroe  Aceh Darussalam ( NAD ). Sabang is also known as Weh Island. Sabang is an amazing island which has a very good wild view. Sabang also famous with it’s underwater life. Most of tourist in the world came to visit Sabang almost every day for diving, snorkeling, or swimming. This island could be reached in 3 hours by slow ferry ( 45 minutess by fast ferry) from Banda Aceh, the capital of NAD.

For me myself, Sabang is the paradise island for Aceh people,  or even Indonesian. Beside becoming one of the most famous tourism place in Aceh, Indonesia government generally also recognized this island as of the most famous tourism icon in Indonesia. Unfortunately, i only have one photo to be posted here, because i was enjoying the view too much, lol. Take a look at my photo.

Right back there, you guys can see a tower that built many years ago and has been recognized by the government of Indonesia that time as the sign of 0 KM of Indonesia. I love this place very much. I heard from the people who live in this island that most visitors who came to this place made the certificate as a sign that the have visited this place. It sounds funny, but it’s true. The certificate could be bought / asked from the related agency.

All right, that’s all my review about this place. Hope you will like it and I hope you guys also will come to see this place directly. Enjoy diving, snorkeling, or even fishing in this vacation island. See you.